Plan D’Appartement/De Maison

Salut, La Classe!  Instead of a QUIZ next time, let’s have a fun PROJECT! 🙂

You are going to draw or otherwise design the layout of your current place, or if you’d rather, of your dream home!

You should draw and label ALL the rooms (if you can’t find the name of a room that we haven’t covered- you can go to THIS website and look it up!)


THEN, please draw and label all the furniture for the MASTER BEDROOM, the LIVING ROOM, and the KITCHEN.

You are not required to draw or label more than this, but you may do so for extra credit!

NEATNESS COUNTS!  20% of your grade is based on the time and care you put into your floor plan.  And, of course, if you spend a LOT of time on it, you can earn some extra credit that way, too! 

If you don’t like to draw, you can use a computer program- OR you can cut out furniture and make a groovy artsy floor plan that way.

It’s all up to you!

Amusez-Vous bien! 🙂  (Due MARDI, Le 2 Mars)


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